Quick Update

Looks like it has been precisely one month since my last post, so I figured at least a quick update on things was in order. Life has been more than a little crazy this past month. On the plus side, I found a new day job, so I’m no longer worried about being unemployed (and no longer need to spend most of my free time job hunting). On the down side, my new job is in a different city, so all of the time I’d been spending job hunting shifted into house hunting and packing. Finding a place didn’t take too long (thank goodness!) so now I’m all about packing up my life into boxes. It will likely be several more weeks before I’m settled back into a routine enough to start writing regular blog posts, but with any luck by this time next month I can start getting that back on track.

On the subject of writing, I’ve still managed to find a little time here and there to work on my stories. One of the biggest motivators I’ve had in this regard is stumbling across a short story competition in a speculative fiction literary magazine. So I dusted off one of my short stories and have been reworking/editing it to try and get it hopefully publication worthy. Of course, trying to do this with everything else that’s been going on has been more than a little bit of a challenge, and with the submission deadline being this Sunday, the story isn’t completely where I want it to be. But I’m going to try and make it as polished as I can and then get it submitted. Wish me luck!


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