Aaaaand we’re back!

At long last I’ve finally found the time/motivation to write a new blog post. Going to keep this one short, sweet, and to the point (need to ease myself back into the process). It took a few months to get settled back into a routine after taking a new job in a new city (and dealing with a few other random personal issues that I won’t go into here), but I think I’m finally ready to refocus on my writing.

I haven’t worked seriously on my novel in entirely too long, but hope to change that going forward from today. I’ve managed to get a little writing in here and there – most specifically a short story about Vikings for a little mini-competition on my writing forum (Mythic Scribes, for anyone who’s interested). But now I think it really is time to get back to tackling my novel.

More and more I’ve realized that I’m not nearly as far along in the development of my craft as I need to be, so I’ve re-evaluated my dreams of publication. Instead of thinking about future publication, I’ve decided first and foremost I just need to focus on finishing the damned thing. There’s no point in putting a bunch of thought/effort into building my author platform and developing a publishing strategy if I can’t even finish a single full first draft. So for now that is my sole goal – finish a rough draft, regardless of how rough it is. Even if it’s horrid enough I completely scrap it afterwards (although hopefully it won’t come to that), at least I can say I finished it.

As I do that I do plan to continue working on the blog, hopefully going back to my weekly updates. Mostly I think I will continue to chart the progress of my novel, discussing any insights I might have about the process as I move forward. I’ve also got a couple of other random writing-related articles I’d like to develop at some point. And who knows, I may even publish the occasional short story, just to keep things interesting.

Well, that’s probably about it for now. No point rambling on too long, especially since I’m mostly just writing this one for myself, to get back in the habit of blog writing.


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