About Ryan Crown

Ryan CrownI have to be honest – I absolutely hate this part (writing the “About Me” page). As someone who grew up both introverted and very shy, I have never really been comfortable opening up to other people. I’m sure that has something to do with why I fell in love with reading (and writing) from a very early age. Well, that and my dad. To this day my father is the most avid reader that I know. I think one of the earliest things I learned from him was a love of reading – and specifically a love of fantasy and science fiction (which are among his favorite genres).

But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Ryan Crown, and I’m a writer. Now up until very recently, I’d probably have to put the word “writer” in quotes, as I was very much a hobby writer. Oh, I loved to write, no question. But I only wrote when the mood struck me, and my writing never really had any focus (nor did I have any real interest or plans to let other people read my writing). I’ve finally decided to change that, and so now I’m making every effort to slowly but surely transform myself into a serious (and with any luck, one day published) author.

So who is Ryan Crown? In the most simplest of terms, I’m a geek, top to bottom. Along with a love for fantasy and sci-fi, I’m a comic book nerd, a roleplaying gamer, and a massive movie buff (among my recent accomplishments is rating my 2500th movie on Netflix). I absolutely love music, and play the occasional video game. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

But what can I say about Ryan the writer (since ideally that’s what brings you here to my little corner of the Internet)? For starters, I’ve always loved the realms of fantasy, and the joyous escape that a good fantasy story can bring. Among the first stories I truly fell in love with are Alice in Wonderland and L. Frank Baum’s Oz stories. As time went on The Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit were added to the list, and many, many amazing stories after that.

Immersing myself in these incredible, fantastical worlds gave rise to a strong desire to create worlds of my own (a key motivator in my love of roleplaying games – the opportunity to create and inhabit a unique character, and lead him through adventures that my friends and I created together). Every time I sat down to write, one of the most important things for me was to create the world that my story took place in. I’m sure I spent much more time world-building and creating characters than I spent coming up with actual plotlines for those characters.

After all those years of letting my imagination run wild with no real focus, I’ve finally decided to take that next step, to knuckle down and get productive with my writing. I’m working on my very first novel, as well as taking the first slow, shaky steps (such as putting together this website) to build up my author brand. So check out the site, and step into my crazy, fantastical world. There’s not much to see just yet, but as time goes on my goal is to fill my blog with musings on the things I’m passionate about, insights into my journey to become a published novelist, and naturally samples of my writing. What the future holds, only time will tell.